Frequently Asked Questions

1. What is TEDx? What is TEDxIUT?

In the spirit of ideas worth spreading, TED has created a program called TEDx where local, self-organized events can bring people together to share a TED-like experience. At a TEDx event, TEDTalks video and live speakers combine to spark deep discussion and connection in a small group. These local, self-organized events are branded TEDx, where x=independently organized TED event.

2. Who owns TEDxIUT?

TEDxIUT is an independently organized event under license and guidance from TED. It is open-source, non-profit and run by unpaid volunteer organizers. The license is given to an individual for organizing one event. It is organized by the TEDxIUT team.

3. Does TED pay for organizing TEDx events?

No. TED does not pay TEDx organizers. Neither do they charge money for the license. There is no monetary transaction between TED and TEDx organizers. The entire TEDxIUT team works voluntarily, nobody gets paid.

4. How is TEDxIUT funded?

The funding comes mainly from the attendees, through the ticket price. We also accept cash sponsorship and in-kind supply of goods and services from companies and organizations who believe in our vision.

5. What’s the benefit of sponsoring TEDxIUT?

Our attendees are ‘curated’, they are carefully selected from a huge pool of applicants. And certainly they are the most connected, influential, diverse bunch of people from Dhaka and beyond. Where else would you want to showcase* your products or services?

6. Where do the surplus funds go after an event?

TEDxIUT is not a one-time event. If we have any surplus after an event it will remain in our fund and we will use it for the next event. The organizers and volunteers don’t take a penny for their time and effort, they work 100% voluntarily, purely out of passion and love for the mission of ‘Ideas worth spreading”.


1. How can I become a speaker?

You may always nominate yourself or someone else to be considered as a speaker for the next events, our nomination form is open through-out the year. We may also reach out to potential speakers directly without any nomination or audition.

2. Do I have to be an entrepreneur, CEO or Founder of something to become a speaker? Is it about motivational speaking? Do I need to be a professional speaker?

No. It is not about entrepreneurship or your role, title, position or academic background (but yes, entrepreneurship is of course among the important categories). Anyone can become a speaker at TEDxIUT (certain parameters, vigorous vetting/editorial process and several rules apply).

3. What sector/discipline the speakers are selected from?

It is undefined. The speakers are derived from various diverse disciplines, ranging from technology, entertainment, design to public policy, global issues, entrepreneurship, education, health, science, economics et al. In a particular event the lineup is always diverse.

4. What are the rules/terms for speakers?

Check out our nomination page, most questions are answered there. The most important ones are: strict time limit, no selling or pitching from the stage, no religious or political partisan agenda, no pseudoscience and lastly, sponsors cannot be speakers.

5. Who selects the speakers? How do you do it?

The TEDxIUT team select speakers from the public nominations, (occasional) auditions and also from their own knowledge and direct personal communications. TED doesn’t help us with finding or selecting speakers, they also do not ‘approve’ speakers for us. The TEDxIUT team have (almost) full editorial independence about speaker selection. Although in special cases we run some decisions through the TED office whenever it is deemed necessary.

6. Can I pay to be a speaker? And do you pay the speaker?

No and no. We do not accept payment and sponsorship from the speakers and we also do not pay our speakers at a particular event. There is no monetary transaction or exchange of service or product in any form or direction between the speakers and the organizers.


1. Why do I have to ‘apply’ to attend?

Because we want to know who you are to keep a balance of diversity in the audience. Also several hundred people besides you want to attend the event, we have to select the best candidates.

2. Do you really ‘select’ all the attendees? From so many applications!

We aren’t kidding, we really select. It is not randomly picked, it is neither first-come-first-serve basis. We read every single application individually and decide about someone’s entry. We treat our attendees as equally important as the speakers on stage. They are the heart of the event!

3. How do you select the attendees? I wasn’t selected, why?

We select you based on your answers in the registration form. If you wrote nothing substantial to any of the questions, most certainly we will not select you, even if our seats remain empty. Also diversity plays a vital role here, we always try to keep the audience as diverse as possible. So if you don’t get selected, please don’t take it personally or be sad about it. We always encourage you to apply next time.

4. Your ticket price is high!

We are sorry about that! A TEDx event is not a place for branding (we do not let our sponsors advertise on stage or become ‘title sponsors’) not many companies show much interest in sponsoring TEDxIUT. So a major cash fund of the event comes from YOU, the attendees. We have no other way but to request this price for the ticket from you to keep the stage free of branding and sales pitches. Furthermore, during a full day conference we serve snacks, lunch, drinks, coffee etc. free of cost at the venue throughout the day.

5. Will I receive any certificate for attending TEDxIUT?


6. I am a journalist, shall I get a press-pass?

You may not. You are always welcome to cover the event, however, you have to go through the regular attendee application and selection process, be selected to attend, regardless of which media house you are representing. If you want to cover the event once you are in, you have to follow certain rules. All Journalists must follow our Press Policy, most important rules: you are not allowed to bring any gadget at the venue with your media company logo (i.e. no camera allowed, no hand-held microphone, bag etc. with visible logo of your TV/Radio/News agency) and you kindly have to remain as discrete as possible during the event. You are most welcome to write and ask for photos from us. All our contents are open-source, you can use any photo supplied by us without any permission or payment.

7. I am a VVIP / VIP / CIP / Govt. Official / Diplomat / Ambassador / Celebrity. Will I receive any special arrangement?

No. You have to kindly apply and get selected/invited to attend, and once you are at the event, you will be regarded as equally as all other attendees. We expect you to kindly mix up with everyone comfortably, and be really engaged without boundaries, with the great bunch of carefully selected people around you. Please be sure, there will be no out of the way greetings, no reserved seat, no escort, no special arrangement and absolutely no on-stage appearance. You will be sitting and spending time among the audience just like everybody else. You may not bring additional guest/assistant/personnel with you. If you must be accompanied by someone or professional security personnel as per mandatory protocols, we would request you to kindly inform and discuss this matter with us before you show up. Please note, this is a ‘sans-protocol,’ casual event. *Please note, during any TEDxIUT event, you may be on camera and we will publish any photo/video from TEDxIUT event without asking your permission.


1. How can I be a volunteer?

We may run a recruitment process before the event. However TEDxIUT may not run any recruitment process and rather tap into our existing pool of volunteers. You may still want to keep an eye on our social media channels for announcements, just in case.

2. What are the benefits of volunteering for TEDxIUT?

There are no direct benefits. If you are looking to gain exposure and fame, this is the wrong place for you. If you are looking to earn money, we like to repeat: none of the team members of TEDxIUT get paid. All the members of TEDxIUT team work merely towards the mission of spreading ideas and bringing them to mass people. That said, we do award certificates to the volunteers. And of course, T-Shirts will be supplied during the event.

3. Do you provide certificates for volunteering?


4. Do you pay for volunteering?

No. However, we compensate for transportation and meal, whenever our budget/fund allows us to